Thru His vessel JB solo art show

Happy Friday beautiful people!

This past weekend was the premiere of my solo art show , the first time in over 5 years I have an art show. It is really an exhilarating feeling to have people who love you but also support your work.

The show still goes on until February 27, 2020
Thru His vessel JB in front of KLIMAT lounge gallery

You know I’m living in the momentum and making sure to utilize this opportunity. I’m so thankful that God has presented this opportunity to me through one of my art colleagues to show new work and meet new people. In this art show, I’m showing several new pieces from a list I have complied of 25 things singles should handle based on books I’ve read. About 8 of the 25 are presented in this show, each of the paintings are $250 each and are as follows with accompanying books:

No limits (Painting 2 of 25)

No limits by John Maxwell “16 by 20”.

Every painting begins with a sketch and they absolutely never end up the same way. Painting for me is a process of being fun and spontaneity as well as challenging myself. By the book of the same title, No limits by John Maxwell is an excellent book to help you identify your limits and take the cap off!

I’ve certainly increased my creativity limit by adding things to the work that would not normally take place in actuality, but can certainly be deemed reality in the field of imagination . This piece is no longer available since it is sold! But prints can be made available by pre-order by February 29 2020.

Scary close (Painting 3 of 25)

Woman looking through microscope
Scary close, book by Donald Miller

This painting did not start off like this. It was more looking at yourself at an outsider point of view. I believe I’ve accomplished the premise of the book, since when you take a closer look at your ‘heart’ as seen through the microscope, it’s a lot uglier than it looks. The woman looking through the microscope is her heart and by analyzing it, she realizes how ugly it can be. The zoom circle located on the right of the painting is a closeup of the hearts, shown with menacing teeth.

Scary close by Donald Miller is a great book in regards to finding out why you react the way you react to things and using therapy as well as having a relationship with God to clear it up through progress. It is still available for sale as of the date of this post.

Make your bed: Little things that can change your life and maybe the world. (Painting 4 of 25)

Make your bed: Little things that can change your life and maybe the world

This painting started before I went to Cuba in July and did not get to finish it until I got back. I knew my painting style would change when I got back and thus it did. I ‘cubanized’ my painting by adding more flair, adding more color and more imaginative. I was already thinking of making the bed, a river of water before I left but Cuba brought a new perspective. Now the water looks more lively and refreshing, as if you can drink from the painting, that’s what I want.

The book was based on a speech by U.S Navy Admiral William Raven and is also its author. It is a short book, but there are many stories of encouragement and motivation to make you realize that you can push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

This painting is still available for sale as of the date of this post.

Dating with Purpose (Painting 5 of 25)

Dating with Purpose by Ashley Empowers

This is my first full painting after I came back from Cuba. It took me only 3 hours to complete. Yes, again I had something different in my sketchbook but I went making a story through my use of color. Although red and blue are not complimentary colors, they can be used as contrasting elements to depict the story of the two lovers courting each other for the first purposefully.

Dating with Purpose is a great book for singles who wants to prepare for marriage. Ashley Empowers shares her story as she prepared for marriage by seeking God first and getting rid of the soul ties of her previous relationships before she met her husband.

Think and Grow Rich ( Painting 6 of 25)

Women thinking rich
Think and Grow Rich , based on book by Napoleon Hill

This painting took more of a longer approach, mainly because this was mostly imaginative, my study sketch was used as a guide but I broke off the mold on that.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorite books and is one of the top books that every entrepreneur reads in his or her journey.

How to hear from God (Painting 7 of 25)

How to hear from God

The Five Love Languages (Painting 8 of 25)

The Five Love Languages

The Five Languages by Gary Chapman is a book that I have read over and over again once in a while. This painting purely illustrates the five languages that many people can choose or use to express their love for one another . I used many colors to convey the languages of love and the energy it provides.

Jump (Painting 10 of 25 Painting)


This painting is about jumping into the possibilities. I was inspired by Jump by Steve Harvey, the book that convinced me to leave my non profit job into the world of sales. I’m still working the ‘faith’ at this time but looking forward to advancing and taking the next step.

Overall, that’s a majority of what I’ve created so far. I really want you to check out the books associated with these paintings. The complete recommended list of 25 books singles should read before marriage or rather life will be revealed upon completion of paintings. In the meantime, you can bid on a couple of works available for sale not included in this list can be viewed here.


Thru His vessel JB Jumping for joy
Leaping for joy

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JB