Hello people,


  If you have reading this blog so far, you know that I was working on my work, which had a deadline . Phase 2 of my series was officially completed as of yesterday , Sunday, December 30, 2012, 9:30pm. So I have finished before my proposed deadline of today the 31st. Yes, I am pleased and I give all the glory to God because I thought for a second that I was putting too much pressure on myself.

   As I was finishing up yesterday, I was experiencing a lot of emotions, shock , disappointment and a little bit of anger. There was some things that I was not expecting that morning and definitely has placed me in a little of a sour mood. But I didn’t let me feelings control me, I have control of my feelings and thus I was able to complete the very last three works before 10pm.  I have to say it was very therapeutic for me, because once I completed it , it was just a sense of accomplishment, but I felt better.

  I know this segment has nothing to do with my artwork per se, but in fact in does, I realize that if I am tempted to gossip or say mainly other things to get off my chest, I can do it through my art and I give all of the glory to God.

I also had one more showing of my worship painting collection yesterday and the visitor that came was blessed and experienced much relief after the viewing.  All I can that God is a mighty God and His ways will always be better than my ways and thoughts. I give Him all of the glory and thank Him for the opportunity to finish up this Phase 2.

So for now, I am going to take a little break and start with Phase 3 in a few days. That deadline will be March 31st 2013.

You know that I will get it downpacked by then, glory to be God.

As you read this note, remember every day is a gift no matter what day or even year it is. Because not everyone has woke up this morning.

Thus, I conclude with this: Unwrap your day with high expectations and may God bless you to see another day or in this case another yyyyyeaaaaar!

Glory to be God. Hope you were blessed.

Talk to you next year or in a few days.