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Today is the first day of my Bible Art challenge under the A-Z challenge.



Here is the image posted below:


A is for Aaron. 

Hi people! It is the 1st of April and today I present    the letter A, a  portrait of Aaron.  Aaron as we may know is the younger brother of Moses and is the head priest of Israel. In Letiviticus 8:4-10, Aaron is ordained the high priest of Israel and has special garments and headpieces made for me in honor of God. Aaron’s sons are also ordained priests and they are known as the Levites. The Levites, or Levi, one of the tribes of Israel is the only tribe that do not have a sectioned off land.

Aaron also helped Moses bring the Israelites out of Egypt by confronting Pharoah with Moses a few times.  Overall, Aaron is one of the main people, that continued to revere the word of God and it is through his lineage, the Hebrews/ Jews/ Isrealis follow the law of Moses today.


In this piece, I made through my ProCreate App, colored the background yellow and used a white shaded pencil to make the paper appear like old papyrus or some sort of grade of paper that people of artistic ability at that time used to draw designs and sketches. This theme would be used for all of the people in this series and as well see more people portrayed in the Bible that we do not know of. I thank God for this opportunity and challenge and that I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for visiting my blog!

For the Love of God and Art

Thru His vessel JB