Today is the 22nd day of For a Single Purpose at . Yes, it has been quite a ride! I have all of you to thank for making the Men in Authority series and Worship painting series a success. This following series is one of my passionate, especially since I could relate at that time….being single. Now there is nothing wrong with being Single, other than what we think; freedom, and doing whatever we want without reporting it to anyone(unless you have children), sleep late, and for many learning to be our true selves. Well to tell you the truth, not many of us know our true selves, because God is not in the picture. We all have a purpose while living on this earth and it is important that we as believers seek God to fulfill our purpose.

The overlaying theme is to basically trust God and not lean on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5. The name of this series appropriately entitled “For a Single Purpose” is what God did in using willing vessels to accomplish His will and purpose. All of these people at the time, were single people, they were not married yet at the time God called them or are either widows or prostitutes. No matter the circumstance, God used them because they believed His Word and as a result accomplished not only fulfilled their desires but ultimately gave them a purpose and within that purpose is to glorify God. Like the Men in Authority series, the nature of this project is tripartite, meaning the same theme was completed in 3 different ways and mediums. There are 11 characters in all, most of them from the Old Testament and a few big names. However, in this auction, there are only 10 characters shown and not all of characters are shown in 3 different ways based on the voting results. As usual, I enjoyed making this series because the process made the characters alive and something we can relate to in this time of age.

Featured work of the day….

jephthah daughter 3 2013 WATERMARK

Jephthah’s daughter III (2013). 28″ BY 44″. Collage on plyboard.

Awww. This story is one of the most saddest in the bible. No kidding. This really spoke to me and how people, especially women at that time would go to great lengths to honor God. She did not make this vow, her father did.

Her name is not mentioned, but her legacy still lives on. I do not think anyone today would do this. At least in the United States of America. Due to lack of honor to authority figures, it would be extremely challenging to find an individual to do the same for someone he or she cannot see.

I do not want to tell you the story, but overall it involves a daughter and her father who wants to please and honor God, even if it does not come out of his or her mouth.  Read Judges 11 and you’ll find out.

However, just because you have faith and honor and all of that, does not mean it will not hurt. I emphasized sadness in Jephthah’s daughter eyes because of the decision she made. Despite what she wanted, she wanted to honor God. This piece was one of my first large pieces, the second one in fact and I hope to show the story in its last stage.

The highest bidder who wins this piece today at will not only get this piece, but a free complimentary portrait from yours truly. This portrait will also be displayed in the 2016 art show.

Thank you again everyone for your support. I’m so glad I can share this with you.

In the name of Jesus

Thru His vessel JB