Free Your Mind!


Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind session form.
  • Welcome! I'm so glad you made the decision to free your mind. Free Your Mind painting session is a way to get your mind free of clutter through painting using Biblical references. Every session per person is $20, for a group of 5-10 people. All sessions include 8" by 10" canvases, and paintbrushes to create artwork to take home. Tables and chairs are not included and should supplied by the host of the venue. Before we begin please write in your name. Answer the following questions to ensure this painting session is executed the way you want. Thank you!
  • Each theme represents the mindset that you want to explore and de-clutter. Choose one of the seven themes below. As the host, you set the theme for the group. It would be a good idea to find out what the majority of the participants may be negatively experiencing before making your selection.
  • Question 2

  • Please write down the names and email addresses of 5-10 attendees including yourself as the host. An invitation email will be sent to the participants including the host for payment instructions.
  • Questions 3

  • Please write the venue's address for the FYM session.Host is responsible for supplying tables and chairs. Artist will supply all equipment which includes easels, paintbrushes, canvases and dropcloths. A $10-$20 surcharge will be administered to the host through the NYC metro area for transportation purposes.
  • Questions 4

  • All FYM sessions are on Saturdays twice a month until further notice. To ensure that you get your selected time, write 3 dates on the line below in the Day, month and 2 digit year format . Ej: 1/12/19, 2/9/19, 3/9/19.
  • What time do you want your FYM session? Choose one of the times below.
  • Thank you for filling out this form! If you have any questions or concerns please write them in the space provided. Thank you!