Hello people,

      I hope all is well with everyone and that you had a good thanksgiving holiday. However, let us not forget that we should be thankful for every day because some people did not wake up this morning.  So what if it is Monday morning? I’m happy to have a job and that I am still breathing on this earth.  Another day to work on my art of course!

    I am pleased with the progress of Phase 2 so far. I still plan to finish by December 31st and I am starting to plan for phase 3 which would be the final phase starting January 2013. I plan to finish phase 3 by March 31st or earlier. By then the project will be complete and will be unveiled. I am still working on an exhibition date, but the first one should be middle of next year.

 Well that’s it for now. May God bless you with another day and another opportunity to work on your talents fellow artists.


ThruHisvessel JB