Hello people!

As today have been declared a federal holiday over 30 years ago, many people take this day as another day off from school or work, this day would not have been established if it weren’t for a team of people who fought for civil freedoms that we have today. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the face of not just a movement, but what we are still dealing with today. Even within the body of Christ, there is still racism, sexism and classism among the pews on Sunday morning or whenever you worship. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, he had to deal with all types of personalities, quirks and ways of life in order to reach a common goal.

We as the body of Christ must realize that although we see beyond color, we also have to deal with the cultural aspects and upbringings of how a person grew up. In the book of Corinthians, in which Apostle Paul, talks about the body of Christ as many members but one body;  we all have a place in it. In some regions of the world, where people do not know Christ, they will know by the love that we show one another. As your sister in Christ, it is my plea that you see me not only in my house, a Jamerican woman of Jewish descent, but as your sister. Dr. King shown that in his nonviolent protests and the power of other people, that are not Afro-American. We got to believe in the cause. Like Dr. King, we got some work done but we still got some work to do.  Be vigilant and sober, submit to God and the devil shall flee from you. Let’s be vigilant in showing our love to others, why because we are the body of Christ, the representatives of Christ in the earth realm.


Thank you for reading . May you share this message and continue to be a blessing for the body of Christ.

Love your sister in Christ

Thru His vessel JB