Hi people,

November went by quick for me, but it was an enjoyable month, I went on vacation, spent time with family and finalizing what to do on my next God inspired project. I’m excited about unveiling my third project, I’m hoping to have the show sometime in the middle of the year. The year after that, 2016, would be my biggest project yet and I am in the middle of formulating it because it will involve you as my followers. So I definitely would need your help.

On the other note, my original worship paintings are still up for sale at fawmadeportraits.com . As a follower, as long you can name one of my original worship paintings, you will get 15% off your customized wet or dry media portrait purchase.

Again, thanks for reading my blog, I would type in more but I do not want to say it just yet what I plan to do for my upcoming project. All I know it would be the first time, I would say anything about my God inspired work beforehand.

Let God take your care, I can’t take it. I PETER 5:7

signature pose

Love you with the love of the Lord

Thru His vessel JB