Hey everybody,

I had gone away for two 2 weeks all together, two separate times. One for business and the other was a vacation. Either way I had a fabulous time and especially to sort through all the bull that Satan thrown my way. All I say that I am well, I have my loving family and art will be continue to be made. I just need to get situated before I do anything else. Here are a couple of pictures I would like to share:

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

I went on a family vacation to Jamaica, my root country and I continue to learn a lot of my family history there. It may be an art project, but I want the Lord to lead. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

In addition, for now, I will not accept any future orders for wet media portraiture on www.fawmadeportraits.com until further notice.

Thank you for stopping by and overall let the Lord continue to lead you!

Thru His vessel JB