Hello people !

Happy Monday to you.I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I definitely had a great weekend.  For the first time , I went speed dating. It was fun, but it is amazing how many people you can meet in a short period of time. Although, this was done in a short period of time, it is something that I would never forget. Today’s post reflects the power of psychology in art and how it influences the community. For years, many people  throughout history as far as Biblical times have been influenced by many forms of arts and how it affects them in two ways; imagination and mood.


There is nothing your imagination can’t take if you do not let it. It can take you to many places around the world. Just by closing my eyes, it brings me to a place where I have never gone before such as Italy and seeing the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel or going back to the Impressionist work of Monae. All of this time travel is done by simply looking at a piece of art, certainly brings tranquility to any situation, which brings to the point, your mood.


It is amazing how art can influence many aspects of our lives. I know that just looking at a piece can encourage or discourage; send a message or just be a beautiful aestetic piece, art impacts our mood. In article by The Telgraph, it tells through brain scans how powerful a work of art really is. It gives as much joy as being in love. Yes, that’s right !! But it makes sense, especially if a piece of artwork is placed on a eartly toned bedroom room.

Just think about it, I mean if I were to place some exotic piece of work in my bedroom, I’m sure it would increase more than just blood flowing to my physical intellectual capacity (Wink, wink).  The porn industry knew what they were doing,  bringing sexual imagery to boost a relationship, but that’s a whole other subject. Visual stimuli that continue to project those images time and time time again, become a part of you so it’s really important that you watch what you see and what better thing to see than this piece of art.

Praises from the hand I. (2012) 16″ by 20″ Acrylic on canvas. Men in Authority: Higher than him series.

This piece of art is slowly going to your subconscious, but it’s good because it’s positive imagery.  You want to be able to see positive imagery that improves your mood and encourages you.  As an artist myself,  I want to make art that  improve people’s moods and take you out of that grim and dark place.

Such includes the Men in Authority series, which depicts men in uniform with all raised hands and For a Single Purpose where Rahab was a prostitute being included in the genealogy of Christ. Who’s mood would not change once they encounter that. However, we are more than our moods, but our moods influence us and it is important to surround yourself with such imagery that would uplift and encourage.

Rahab III (2013). Collage on cardboard. 28″ by 36″. Original still available.

Next week, would be the last of this series and next year, there would be much more in store as I will be posting more frequently. Other than that, enjoy your week and have a wonderful time with your close family and friends in the season that Jesus is the reason! Love you all!

For the love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB