Hello people,

Yes, you can say I’ve taken a break but I needed it. I am working on something that the Lord have placed on my art since this summer and I know it is success, because God’s Word is on it. What is an effective way to minister to people and also wear something beautiful? A T-Art is the answer. What is a T-Art? It is a T-shirt with art on it, but what I have placed on it the T-Art is what glorifies God. I aim to glorify God in whatever I do especially through the arts.

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(These T-Arts are just the prototype, the final T-art design is on my kickstarter page)

As a fellow blogger, I would appreciate anyone who comments or visits this page to check out my kickstarter page at http://kck.st/1OgHP2q and help me reach my goal of $10,000 by October 25th. $10,000 is a big amount you say, but I serve an awesome God. I know that His hand is not too short, nor His Word will return to me void. These t-arts are just a reflection of the many things God has in store for the Kingdom in my little area of the visual arts.

I say this because we are daily bombarded with negative images and stimuli that affects our psyche and emotional being. Constantly, persistently with a vengeance. As a believer, I am a light that shines and it shines brightly and boldly. It is not that little light of mine. We as believers must shine our lights brightly and T-Arts such as these are just an example. Maybe it is that song you wrote or that novel. We got to shine it brightly, but nothing can be done if it is not turned on. Kickstarter in this case is the flashlight and your help is the battery to turn it on, (God is the light that will keep it on). This isn’t about me, this about serving God in an out of a box way that will benefit the kingdom and its inhabitants, besides everyone needs a shirt!

I hope you read my heartfelt emotions in this and I thank God for bringing people to make this a reality. In the name of Jesus.

For the Love of God and Art


Thru His vessel JB