I never left, just making adjustments.

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a post on this blog, mainly because I am making adjustments and figuring out how to execute things . My main focus is art ;creating art and sending to art exhibitions and shows and such and such.

This week , May 12 , was pretty busy because I’ve done two shows in one week one was on Wednesday night the 15th at the RAW artists showcase. This showcase focuses on different genres of art roll such as fashion, visual arts, music song and dance all in one day and all in one space together.

RAW artist is a unique organization that has been in operation for 10 years. It started in California and has now located in 60 cities around the world in the U.S , the U.K and Australia. The way these events are funded are through crowdsourcing or crowdfunding in which money is raised through the purchase of tickets in order to be a part of the showcase.

Thanks to the support of friends and family I was able to be a part of this showcase and show off my work. Located in the photograph below are two of my original works from the “For a Single Purpose” series, Joseph I and Rahab I. Many were inspired by these works that stopped by but I realized as well that many of the attendees were not avid art collectors or art lovers as one would find in the museums. However, many were receptive and pray that I sowed my cards and gifts into good ground.

My booth at raw artist showcase
Thru His vessel JB at RAW artist showcase

And then Saturday the 18th I have exited my actually my very first official exhibition other than myself , Recycle 2019 art exhibition which is recycled or discarded materials created into art. I am honored that was featured as one of the artist in this wonderful exhibition.

Standing next to my featured work
Thru His vessel JB and her Ruth III work

The main word this year is focusing on art exhibition, shows and creating art slowly. Not going to show any new art work until 2020. Either way, I’m working slowly and surely. Thank you and touch base.

For the love of God and art!

Feeling fabulous in Brooklyn

Thru His vessel JB