Hello people,

I just got back from Florida, having a well deserved vacation with my grandma. We had lots of fun. I haven’t gone to the beach in quite a while, (Coney Island beach does not count, if you ask me it’s more like swimming in dirt trash and water). although the tides were very high and the rip currents strong, I got a refreshing dip.

Unfortunately, I heard during my break that Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth, died in a plane crash. From the news clip, one of his memorable sayings was that time is currency and whatever manifests in your life is what the time was spent. He will be missed and I give my condolences to his family. I continue to enjoy and apply the biblical principles from his books.

Thus, the time I spent in Florida was wonderful. I cherished every moment down there and  do not regret any time that I spent sleeping, relaxing, exercising, laughing and spending time with my grandma and her husband. I enjoyed both of their company and as my elders, I give them the respect and honor that they deserve.  Thus, I know my time was well spent and will not regret it ever. Neither will they as they are closer to the grave than I am. I would love to live a long life and of quality. My grandparents represent that. They are both active and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. My step grandpa has been experiencing severe back pain, but I know he’s healed in the name of Jesus.

I hope all has been well with you and that you continue to seek God for whatever path you may cross.

In the name of Jesus

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Thru His vessel JB