Hello people,


I am finally done with Phase 3 of Project 3 as of 3′ o clock this morning. I have waken up past ten this morning and thank God for the beautiful day and for giving me the energy to complete this project. Since I have also taken the day off from work, which although it was not needed, I’m glad I took off. Once I finish my art and do my art break, I have some other work to complete such as errands and house chores. Not that I do not do any chores around the house when I do my art work, but it is half way as my mother would say, lick and promise. Well, I got my laundry through the drop off service, which enables the time I cannot get back I can use for other things such as cleaning and shopping for groceries and…………opening a facebook account. Yes, that’s right. I opened a Facebook account.

Now, I’m not trying to meet anybody from high school or junior high, it’s just for business purposes. As for right now, I am still working on it. There are too many things and I’m not going post as many photos; this blog and my other website www.fawmadeportraits.com will get the bulk of it. So, yes, it’s a progressive start.

As for the title of this project/series, I will talk to God later about it…oh second thought.. Holy Spirit just gave it to me. Thank you Holy Spirit. Ooh, I can’t wait to debut it in my art show. As for the title, you can wait until tomorrow or later than that.


Thank you again for reading my blog. I have to organize this blog a little more, so you can see the artwork I have done so far since I started this blog in 2012.

In service of the King,

Thru His vessel JB

signature pose