Hello people,

        On December 25th 2013. 3:57am, I finished the last phase of my series entitled: For a single purpose. This series will be held in the same structure as the Men in Authority: Higher than him but are about God using people in their singleness for a divine purpose. All are individuals, men and women from the Old and New Testament, who were single at that time. I must say one of them however was a tragedy, but it was done to honor Jehovah God. I plan to unveil this to the public in Spring 2014, so look for flyers and links for tickets in the near future. 

         Although there were many late nights and wonderful bags under my eyes for this series’ duration, I ultimately give God all of the glory because I enjoyed doing it. I am not going to say that I was not tired, because I was, but the end result was always to glorify God. I am very enthralled to show this piece to the public and the Men in Authority series as well. This piece speaks to me mainly because I am currently single, but I got the revelation that it will not last for long so it is very fitting that this piece is done during my singleness.

      So right now, since I am done with my project, I try to do other art related projects by the 31st of this month and then by January 1st, I will not do any major art related things. I will start my 40 day art break. During this time, I will finalize all the details of my art opening and will let you know.

Other than that, I will just leave you with this. No matter where you are in life, your circumstances, your marriage status, know this “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made…Psalms 139:14

Be the best you can be, but how can you be without the Instructor’s Manual. Don’t just read it, DO it.

Much love. Peace and blessings.

A sister in Christ,

Thru His vessel JB