Hello people!


I hope all is well and pleased to say that I am finished with Phase 2 of my project. I am currently on a mini art break, then I will continue September 9th with my third and final phase. I am also in the middle of completing another project, which I hope to finally present by the middle of this month. Either way, it is a great feeling to get something accomplished.

Yesterday I went to the labor day parade yesterday which is the renowned West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn New York. I represented my root heritage which is Jamaica and did a little jiggy dance here and there. Hence we were celebrating the unofficial last day of summer, even though today September 2nd, it was over 90 degrees since July.

I wish everyone a safe and happy week. I hope to put up a new post about my upcoming website real soon! Until then, talk to you later in the name of Jesus.


In service of the King,signature pose


Thru His vessel JB