Hi people

I’ve finally decided to do art again. I miss doing it. Why haven’t I been doing it? I was putting all of my focus on business. You see you have to find a balance between promoting art and making art. I found that balance. I’ve also got to continue to sharpen my skills.

Like my Spanish, but that’s another story.

So yes starting tomorrow or later on August 1st, I start making the 1st of 40 works of art. I finish my 40th on October 1st. It’s going to be fun and this time, instead of hiding my progress, I’m going to show my journey. Bits and pieces.

To follow along, you can sign up on Peephole and you can sneak peek a little of my art in progress. This would be a good thing to do, because guess what , I’m also moving this blog. So if you want to follow along, I suggest you sign up under the Peephole tab.

Thank you and I hope you’ll be checking me out soon.

For the love of God and art


Thru His vessel JB