Hi people,

This is just something I drew the other day on the computer using the regular paint program. I used to have photoshop, but since my computer conked out over 4 years ago, I have not used my graphic tablet and just using a mouse to create my image.

I was bored at the moment and I know success is a process. It’s already guaranteed in God’s Word, as long as you put on the mustard, meaning effort. I enjoy doing my art for the Lord and on my art break, that does not mean I stop. I want to continue to make art until the day I die. I want to be a palindrome number, very high in age and make use of this temple as I live in earth.

I already have an idea for my next project in tow, but that means I am going to need you as my followers as my support. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll tell you exactly what that is.

In the meantime, project 3 is complete and I have already have the title…Are you ready? Here it goes…on my next post.


As always this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Make sure you are seeking Him first, your purpose is hidden in you, you just have to ask the Manufacturer how to work it. Love you all.

In service of the King,

signature pose

Thru His vessel JB