Hello people,

      First I want to thank God for giving me the strength to complete this project for His glory. It is 33 pieces in all, all representing the triune God; God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit.  The 33 is divided in 3 equaling 11 pieces for each phase. When I started this blog, I already completed Phase 1 which consisted of paintings. Phase 2 is woodwork and Phase 3 is making the old new. I do not want to say anything else until it is publicly viewed, but if God lets me tell you.

   Yes, I was up all day on Saturday the 30th completing Phase 3 and putting it into presentable form. I did finishing touches on the 31st and I can say it is finished! That means I am not going back to add anything else. Whatever has not been done; it is done and now I will start presenting it very soon. Starting April 1st, I am on a rest period from Art for 40 days and will start another project for the glory of God. I guess I will start another blog then. Until then, I love you all for reading and continue to give God the glory!

To God be the glory thru His vessel JB

Psalm 119:105