Hello people

     Yes, it is going on the 3rd week since I started my new project, however, I barely completed one. The thing is, that I also committed myself to other art related projects, which also interferes my work. I plan to finish those projects very shortly, so I can solely focus on this project.

      Speaking on the title, I realize that art, specifically the visual arts is a form of worship to God. I have been utilizing the past 2 projects, or rather three(the worship paintings) as a service to God. I realize although they are a lot of work to complete and time committed to finish the project, I have not done it grudingly. I was always excited about the end result, because I knew in the end it would bless others.  However, in my church, I have been involved in video media department for a couple of years and although I knew it was close to what I did in my worship time, in terms of being art related, it was not for me.  I have noticed more than enough times,especially recently, I had an attitude in my spirit,” aww man”, when it came to helping out in the media department, it just came a bit too much and I recall over a year ago, a sister in Christ, told me that such a help is really a grievance offering.  You know how you would not accept something from someone, even it was something that you really liked, you do not appreciate it because the person had an attitude. Well, according to II Corinthians 9: 7 , It basically says that God loves a cheerful giver and He would not appreciate your offering or your gift to Him if you did it with an attitude. And I’m not here living for any man, I’m living for God. So I do not want to give an attitude to God. However, because video and media involve some form of the visual arts,  I guess that’s why I was in the department for so long, my only desire was at the time is that the department was short staffed and they needed help. I love to help people, and I thought since working in video and media would be something I enjoy, but it is not. I had to be honest with my self and realize the visual arts that God has placed in my heart, does not involve photography or video. Although, it is interesting to see on the other end, operating on it is another story.

      Any way, people, just know that because something looks like your gift, that does not mean it is, I know a clue of knowing what your gift is, is that you cannot stop talking about it, you can’t stop thinking about it, it is like a dream you got to make reality. And that is the purpose of this blog. This gift that God has put into me before the very foundations of the world, is to serve Him gladly and accomplish His will on earth.

I thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.

Psalms 139:14

In His service

Thru His vessel JB