Hello beautiful people,

I hope you are having a good morning or afternoon I should say, for us in the east side of this country. 2016 is almost over and I’ve learned a lot this year. Especially, when it comes to establishing an art style. Finding your style does not happen overnight, but in order to do it you must practice a lot. A whole lot. In the past 4.5 years, I have churned out over 130+ pieces of artwork that vary in different sizes, from 11″ by 14″ to 28″ by 36″. All of these were done in a serial manner, meaning each project always had multiple pieces for one themed artwork. However, these pieces were not actual pieces of a puzzle but can be seen as a whole separately. They are all connected but can be separated for your enjoyment.

In this series, starting Monday, November 21,2016, I will talk to you about how I developed my style throughout the years and how you can too. I know as an artist, that we don’t want to be boring and we want to stand out from the cut. However, I got news for you, you are already unique and have a unique way of doing things so you are already standing out. As I have learned, the main thing is being consistent and being consistent means people can recognize your art when they are looking for it. And even as you become more crafty and skilled in your execution, they will still know it is you. It’s over 7 years for me and yes I have learned a lot, but I have a lot more to go. It’s important to continue to learn in your craft or you’ll be stuck.

Other than that, welcome to my blog and I hope you had a chance to look through my art before I continue next week. If not, just click here . Thank you and look forward to talking to you next week after my art show debut if S.E.E.D.S and live painting session on the 19th. Oh yeah, you’ll definitely see some pictures of the event as well.

For the love of God and art

Thru His vessel JBThe Power Of The Tongue