Hello people!

I know it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Since the last time, we had Keep your resolutions live painting variety show and 100 B.O.L.D.s have been completed by April 1. Overall, we had a great time and the audience were able to get four new works conducted through the live painting event held on March 24.

From left to right : Zeyi, Thru His vessel JB, Mr. Steve Rocker, AC Lightenin and Jasmine

Taking a B.O.L.D. step forward

As you know, it is a goal to create 500 pieces of art by July 2018 and I will reach by target. With the help of my Beautifully Obvious Lavish Deliveries, I do not just make my target but succeed my target. Doing these mini works of art have been an absolute pleasure. During this past live painting variety show event, the participants including musicians were able to take stock of all the B.O.L.D.s I’ve created at that point (100). They were able to vote in their top ten favorites. Here are the top 10 B.O.L.D.S listed here for sale. Three of the pictures are shown. You can also click on each link to see art for viewing or purchase.

  1. B.O.L.D. 1
  2. B.O.L.D 8
  3. B.O.L.D. 11
  4. B.O.L.D. 16
  5. B.O.L.D. 23
  6. B.O.L.D. 34
  7. B.O.L.D. 35
  8. B.O.L.D. 41
  9. B.O.L.D. 86
  10. B.O.L.D. 100

Hot air balloon by Thru His vessel JB. Created February 2018. 4″ by 6″. Acrylic on paper.

Red haired girl in restaurant. Created February 2018. 4″ by 6″ inches. Thru His vessel JB. Acrylic on paper.

11th B.O.L.D created since its inception on 2.1.18

Since we are now in May 2018, I have already created 30 B.O.L.D.s so far for the second quarter. I have already created a video for my 101 B.O.L.D. video, see the video below.

Thank you all and look forward to seeing you this June!

BTW , Mark your calendars for “Keep your friends in paint” for either July 7th or 14th. Tickets will be on sale soon!

God bless you!

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB