Hello people, Today is the 5th day of auction atwww.32auctions.com/jbwrshppaintings of the Men in Authority series: Higher than him. This series came to me through a vision God has shown me and had all men in uniform praising God, lifting his hands as a sign of reverence to the Most High. This is to allude that these officers and military personnel are telling you that they are respondents of a higher Power and they are not the last authority. Unfortunately, in many current events in New York City and beyond, some of these authority figures think they are the last authority and that is not the case. I just want to honor those men who have been serving this country, locally, regionally and internationally through the blood of Christ in a respectful manner. Thank you.

This is also the first time I started using a structure that utilized 3 different mediums in three different ways that depicts the qualities of the Godhead (Jehovah the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit). In this series, I used acrylics on canvas, sort of a traditional feature for Jehovah, burnt etchings on wood, for Jesus as a carpenter and old T-shirts made into stitched works of art with felt strips for the Holy Spirit( He brings the old creature to new). Together, there are 33 pieces listed in this series. The whole series was completed from July 2012-March 2013. You can read the artist statement of this series under the Artist statement tab for more information.

Featured work of the day…

Night and Day 1 2012 WATERMARK

Night and Day I. (2012).  20″ by 18″. Acrylic paint on canvas.

This was either the 3rd or 4th painting I made in my very first phase Painting. I enjoyed making this piece. I researched a lot regarding military and how they dressed. It was challenging, but it was fun. Got paint all over my nails and painting give me the realization or rather the practice of making art, that I cannot have long nails anymore. I got my paint from Pearl Art store. It was my last time there before as you know they closed business for good :(.

I used to have to long manicured nails that I did myself but once I realized my purpose was making art, it became challenging keeping those nails clean anf nail polish always coming off. Yeah, I know I can wear gloves, but it is not the same. Your hands get all sweaty and I got to take them off anyway.  Besides, the point is that I found my purpose and I give God ALL OF THE CREDIT! I’m so thankful for this gift and I hope you enjoy receiving it.

Today is the only day 2/5/15 on 32auctions.com/menandsingleart with a minimum bid of $120.00. The highest bidder will receive a free commissioned portrait by Thru His vessel JB to be placed in the 2016 art show. Thank you for your support, participation and time!!!

For the love of my God!!!! My Saviour and Lord-Jesus the Christ!

signature pose

Thru His vessel JB