About Artdify


Art in the form of original , commissioned or live painting events that will encourage the viewer . The  viewer may be able to realize that the work presented stems from a divine eternal source to edify and encourage him or her in whatever stage he or she is in life. The artwork created will not just be beautiful to behold, but substance in the subject that the viewer can place in their heart going home. The substance stemming from biblical influences, life experiences and positivity, the person will not leave empty handed, but is ensured with a great explosion of visual art edification. This is executed through artwork, live painting events  and ongoing blog as well as building many relationships to keep each other encouraged in this journey called life.


Art in the forms of original, commissioned and live painting events that will not only help the local community in this generation, but future generations. Art is that is not just part of the culture of this time, but regenerates the spirit within and knows God is the life giver and eternal source of the artwork. The founder Thru His vessel JB believes that she is just the paintbrush, while The Truth flows through her to create the artwork you see. Not just the artwork of Thru His vessel JB, but every artist that is a part of the ArtDify team. Art that will change the world, nations, this nation and the local community, one life at a time. Every viewer will leave feeling good, learning something new and can help bring the arts in the community in a complimentary way.

Building a community of artists that has a fear of the Lord and the love of visual arts into local communities, neighborhoods, businesses, hospitals, schools and churches.  Its perception can be expressed through various mediums such as painting, sculpture or mixed media and every encounter would be an “’artdify’ing” experience.