Hello people

Man. Last night was something. One of my sister in Christ, invited me and several others to a Karoake bar. It was great fellow shipping with these sisters for perhaps a somewhat awkward moment for a few became a great time. A couple of these sisters realize that I’m on Facebook( btw, I deactivated my Facebook account for now). Anyway, so we attempted to sing and dance. ¬†As for me, a good friend of mine was singing Michael Jackson’s Bad. I like the beat of the song, so came on the small space and danced. As I danced, towards the chorus, I did a full split…..for the first time . Owww. The split wasn’t intentional but the floor was slippery and boop ! Both legs were laying in opposite directions on the floor. I hobbled like the hunchback of Notre Dame to my seat.

It has been a while since I’ve done anything fun or rather social. No that’s not true. But to this extreme since doing my art straight for 4 months . So I really take advantage of this break. Fellow artists out there, do the art work and take your breaks. Have fun. For me I had a little too much fun last night but I know I’m healed in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for reading this blog.

With love in the name of Jesus


Thru His vessel JB