Hello beautiful people!

New beginnings

Happy new year!  Yes, it’s a new year,  new beginning. The number 8 biblically means new beginnings . I look forward to this year because I’ve put things behind in 2017. Such things include my employment and stinking thinking. Towards the end of 2016,  I set a jump date for December 29, 2017 to quit my job. In my professional life, for the past 6.5 years, I worked as a case manager for a non profit, working with clients who were formerly homeless. I have to say being in the social services field is not for everyone. The people that you work for can be mean and push your buttons to get you to react or step back. My advice is to keep pushing forward, not just go through the motions, but rely on God to pull you through. Also when you start to get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, it’s time to bounce. This was just the pit stop, which I was able to attain many valuable lessons and tools . Now it’s time to transfer these skills and tools to the next stop, a job which is very entrepreneurial in nature.


Chilling after completing work, the day before my jump date on 12.29.17

 Tools needed for the next stop

What I have learned In my job as a case manager is mainly learning how to confront people in three ways, gentle, firm and downright calling their bluff in a professional manner. You know how hard that is? When I first started this job, I was timid, but approachable and consistent. Consistency is important in order to get the job done, you can’t just call their bluff without something to back it up.

Tool 1-Consistency

As mentioned earlier, consistency is a tool that would apply to any job. It’s basically the power of follow up. And to keep it consistent, it’s good to put a deadline so you can follow up. As a case manager, I had to complete 18 visits every thirty days. That doesn’t sound bad, but I’m working with people not machines; emergencies came up, paperwork, audits and other crazy drama you can think of. I worked in East Harlem which is reported to be one of the worst crime ridden neighborhoods in NYC. Commuting from one “bad” neighborhood to another to work in, it didn’t faze me. I thank the grace of God for that.


Tool 2 – Be honest

You got to be honest, people really don’t like to be lied to. However, some individuals may mistake miscommunication for sheer lies. Things have to be repeated so it does not appear that way. That’s why consistency would apply as well. When you are calling someone in their bluff, it is not easy, but this is way to show that you care. Try to sugarcoat a pile of crap, someone may mistake it for a sweet treat and then spit it out. They won’t trust you after that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be nice, but when you are being honest with someone, use the sandwich model. This model is basically telling the person a positive attribute, then the meat of the sandwich, their flaw or something that needs attention and after add another positive attribute. This model can work for any difficulty.


Tool 3- Don’t take it personal

Listen, in this lifetime that you got, especially the fact a good majority of it is spent working, you are going to get your feelings hurt. Whether it is done with malice or simply miscommunication, your little feelings will hurt.  This doesn’t only apply to work, but also your other relationships. People are complicated creatures and because sometimes things may go awry, you got to realize that no matter what, the show must go on. Time waits for no one. Being a case manager, I learnt to deal with divisive gossip, name calling and “Why this @&&/* got to be all in my business? Nosy a$$. Hearing these things was confirmation that I was doing my job.        I’m not saying you should be a doormat either, be firm and stand your ground when you need to. Because it’s not about brown nosing or people pleasing. It’s about results. Lives are changed because you were consistent and honest and not to take it personally.


Free Your Mind

Now you know the tools necessary to use when it comes to challenging situations. I got some things to share with you for this new year.  Last year,  God has impressed my spirit regarding cleaning your mind closet and what that is  basically clearing out any old junk stored in your mind space for so long. I’ve stored a lot of negative thoughts about myself that I’ve been carrying for well over 10 years that  I didn’t want to bring with me in 2017 . This is similar to the practice done in Times Square every year,  when you write out and shred all the things that you do not want to bring into the new year .

The power of your thoughts

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill reveals the power of your thoughts and bringing them into action. Another book by Sharon Lechter, who is also part of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Association, mentioned regarding the amount of thoughts  that we have every day.  Each  person accumulates about let’s say 10,000 to 80,000 thoughts a  day  and of those  80% are negative thoughts.  Just imagine years of accumulation in your mind. This is the stuff that you don’t need. It’s really bringing you down,  due to pure clutter. So let me help you free your mind.

It’s through the word of God, your mind is freed. I’m just the vessel He uses to do that. Our  thoughts are the seeds  of our actions. It is important to be have the mind,  which is the dirt that would cultivate the seeds in  order for it to grow. It can be good or bad seeds. But of course these seeds or the thoughts that you will replace with the word of God is ALWAYS good. The structure of the Free your mind sessions are painting parties.  Loosely structured based on the sip and painting parties phenomena held throughout the country;  we go to the process of clearing out your negative thoughts based on seven themes . We clear those negative things and we replace it with a painting you take home to get your mind to continually be right.

To start the process of freeing your mind, click on the flier below and it will take you to a form to complete.


God bless you all! Enjoy your new year and a wonderful 2018!

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB