Hi people,


Good morning. It is Saturday, my rest day of the week and I’m enjoying my day.¬†Earlier this morning, I put my ironing board in the corner of my room. It really was an accident waiting to happen and as a result it fell on one of my framed works with glass. Thank God, there’s only a crack on it as a result, no damage to the work. However, it is still something I have to pay for.

Now the moment that you have been waiting for…. the title of my completed project 3 is “Whip it Good!!”¬† I am very excited to unveil it when I get everything framed and ready for my show. I’m unsure when the show will occur, but it will be definitely next year. There are a lot of things I am anticipating next year and I have to be ready for those events.

Thanks for reading.


In service of the King,


signature pose

Thru His vessel JB