Hello people,

     A lot has happened over the last week, in terms of ideas. Other than finishing up Phase 3 of my second project; I have also been reading a book by Myles Munroe, who is an excellent teacher about fulfilling your purpose. I know completing this project is an assignment from God in order to complete my purpose through His will for the earth and generations to come. I am very excited about getting my art together and I realize that this will be always be a continuing process until the day I die, (you can’t retire from art!) which is like at least 111 years of age.

  Yes, according to Myles Munroe, I plan to die empty and that means maximizing my potential. I have gotten this vision from my Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ to bring images of whatever comes to mind, rather from His word and bring it to people so that they can be blessed. I can’t keep these gifts to myself, they have to be shared. And the day is coming when they will be unveiled to the public, so your eyegates will be blessed (Look out for early May).

   Haha, I will be an old agile woman working on pieces and promoting work for the glory of God for generations to come. Thank you so much for reading my page and I hope to hear from you soon.


Thru His vessel JB