Hello people,

Yes, it is just about the end of the month and I have been working overtime on completing my third project, 33 pieces in all as usual. As I mentioned on an earlier post, I had to miss church to complete this. I spray painted almost all of the pieces, but could not do it all, since I ran out of material. So this Friday, which is the deadline, I am taking off work so I can finish it. Just need to spray paint two more pieces and then assemble the pieces. Yes, I am proud of it and God continues to give me wisdom and knowledge in creating beautiful pieces for His glory.

In addition, I will be soon be on Facebook and Twitter for my Portraiture business only. I am not the type of person, to post a selfie, talk about nothing for nothing and have all of my business in cyberspace, because even if you delete a post; it stays there foreeeeeeeever. So I’m cautious about stuff like that. I’m old fashioned even though I’m in the so called millennial generation. My cousin and a few others convinced me to get a Facebook account so I can have more exposure. I say okay, social media is definitely a driving force and how many people communicate these days, even though I do not want to, but connecting with people is important.

Other than that, thank you again for reading my blog and look forward to unveiling you the title of my project  hopefully before the year closes.

In service of the King,

signature pose

Thru His vessel jb