Hello people!


     I’m not trying to sound like the announcer from Major World. For those who do not know what I am talking about, Major World is a well known car dealership in New York City. When they make their  commercials, there is this obnoxious loud speaking man announcing their latest specials, and all you need is 1% down to drive it away! Ha, ha. But either way, I am just letting you know that the days of the auction is ending. After the auction, all of the proceeds will go towards my church, I mean it, every red cent. I already have all the pieces professionally framed for purchase. If you want to look, please go to www.32auctions.com/worshippaintingsjb . All forms of payment is accepted as through Paypal. Thank you again in advance for your support!

Glory be to God for the kingdom.

A daughter of the King,

Thru His vessel JB