Thru His vessel JB Story

Thru His vessel JB artist


   Artdify is a company founded by visual artist, Thru His vessel JB. Although she has a background in Psychology, she has always wanted to be an artist from three years of age. She did obtain her bachelor’s degree in Art, so she’s not completely self-taught, but learned in hindsight that art is a progressive road. In her case, the road to becoming an artist was a winding, progressive, bumpy road and officially started to make art consistently again in 2009, starting with her first piece, The Lamp. She later penned the pseudonym, ‘Thru His vessel JB’ as to denote who is the main Artist (God) and started to incorporate that name in her works starting in 2012.  In 2012 to 2014, she made subsequent series’ of work totaling nearly 100 pieces of work. These series’ include Men in Authority, which theme depicts men in uniform raising hands as a point of reference to God; For a Single Purpose, which depicts various men and women from the Bible as singles and how God used them; and Whip it Good! , a series’ depicting the toxic environment around a person and how God (Holy Spirit) helps the person get it together.

Meanwhile in 2013, as Thru His vessel JB continued to make art on the side as she worked full time in social services, she got an evaluation from her boss remarking that she should go back to school to become a Clinical Supervisor.  She quickly shut down that remark and knew that this job was not the means to an end. From that point on, Thru His vessel JB had an epiphany that she would eventually be an artist full time.  However, despite the road that she took working in social services from school counseling to being a supportive housing case manager, she does not regret the process. Being able to work with people and learning how to deal with different personalities is an important feature as a visual artist. There is no incubating inside hot studios creating art for months at a time with no contact with the world, speaking with people is essential. Furthermore, in most of Thru His vessel JB’s work, there is always an underlying message and the major influence is having a personal relationship with God, her Lord Jesus Christ.

     Fast forward 2016, the word art testimony was born and thus viewers are not only encouraged by words, but through live painting sessions. The first art testimonies were initially private and recorded, which can be previewed at Artdify’s YouTube channel here. Since then, art testimony parties are live painting events where the artists can interact with participants and anyone who is willing to share their testimony, an encouraging word or engaging but meaningful story. This process is dependent on any artist and gives the artist the opportunity to hone their skills; speed painting in front of a live audience while someone else speaks the words for your paint is no joke, but in the end it benefits everyone.

    Overall, Artdify is a company that enriches the viewer through building them up through the arts and four of the five senses are utilized through the art testimony experience.  The viewer not only sees good words in paint, but he or she can smell, hear and touch it too! They will continually be reminded of the experience as a result of the painting, making new friends and seeing the power of God through the visual arts for many lifetimes. The main thing to enjoy the ride without feeling the urge to regurgitate. Seeing good words in paint will always be a positive influence in your subconscious. A dose of Artdify is necessary to combat the negative propaganda and imagery in this present world.