Hello people,

   I just got back from Cali and had a wonderful time. God has given me a great idea from this trip and I am looking forward to utilizing it in the next few weeks concerning my open studio party art. This particularly work of art is actually the first of its type, which is why it is so special. This work propelled my work to the world and general shows the glory of God working in me to glorify HIM.

     While I am working on phase 2 of my current work, I am working with other churches to get the word around that I am interested in exhibiting at their locale at no cost, other than traveling expenses. Hence, I am a traveling God ordained art museum, at all costs in order to show the word of God through my work. I know my work is not in vain, but it only glorifies God in the end.

     However, you would think churches would be a little open to having a visual arts ministry , but since I am not a member of all of the churches of the world, of course it would be hard. I guess they are just surprised that I am doing this for free, other than traveling expenses you know for gas in order to bring and showcase the artwork.

Anyway, I’m only going to give God the glory and I am excited to do so to build His kingdom. Remember God created the world, so essentially He is an ARTIST first,

Giving thanks and glory to God always,

THRU His vessel JB