Hello people,

     I am almost done with my final phase, I plan to finish one piece tonight and then I will have 3 more to complete by December 25th. My initial deadline is still the 31st, but since I want to spend my last weekend of the year with my family and not solely on art, I thought it would be appropriate. Thus, I am looking forward to my break once I conclude.

   After this, I plan to go to Hawaii in January and then resume with Series 3 in late February. Series 3 will be really short, but will still be a 33 work piece. By that time, I should be unveiling the project that I am currently working on now in February.

      Overall, I just want to give God the glory and I am so happy on doing this work. I may need to take a longer break than necessary, 50 days instead of 40 days so this stuff is already out of my apartment in Jesus name.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and was able to spend time with family not shopping for those stupid Black friday sales.

Proverbs 3:5

Love you for reading!

Thru His vessel JB