Secret art 12: T.E.S.T. P48

Hello people!

I hope all is well with you. I know it has been a while and I almost did not post for Wednesday. However, I’m here and looking forward to revealing the 12th art of the day. If you didn’t know, it is a goal of mine to complete 500 works of art by 2018. I’ve reach almost half way that point and in order to me to fulfill that goal, I’m creating 17 pieces of work monthly for all of 2017. That’s a total of 204 pieces. I know it’s ambitious, but knowing myself it will get done.


T.E.S.T. P48 #14. 2017. 9″ BY 12″. Oil pastels and acrylics on paper. Thru His vessel JB

In the T.E.S.T series, for the first time, i am exclusively using a palette knife to paint and mix in some oil pastels to create a nice mixed media finish. I wanted to make these pieces larger, but due to my already full schedule, creating 18″ by 24″ works of art is not going to fly and plus I wanted to have fun. Doing large things in a short period of time, can be done grudgingly and I do not want that message to appear in these works of art. Every work of art I make is of quality and I want to ensure you as the patron, get the best of the rest in your home.

Why is this in black and white?

It’s in black and white because it is a secret Facebook group called Thru His vessel JB online art exhibition.. If you want to be a member of the group, just send an inquiry to with I want to be in FB group in subject line and I’ll add you in and also let me know why you want to be a part of this group for security reasons. I flat out don’t just invite everyone to the group. As a member, you are entitled to bidding on the artwork that has been created for the month at a minimum of $17.00. There is a reserve price set for the bid and the one who wins will also get a little surprise along with the work of art. It is not framed but it will be shipped to you at no additional charge.

I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still purchase this piece?

Of course, but since you are not a member, you would need to wait until the next month to purchase this piece. It costs $217 with custom frame and shipping. If you reside in Alaska or Hawaii, the shipping costs is extra. Otherwise, you will get an original work of art including a certificate of authenticity. That way you can brag to your friends you got the real deal. There will no duplicate prints in the near future. So get this work of art when you can. Congrats on your purchase!

Stay blessed!

For the love of God and art!


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