Secret art : T.E.S.T. P48 # 5

Hello people!

I hope all is well with you. There was a winter storm that passed through the tri-state area yesterday and now it’s over. I personally do not want any more snowstorms. It certainly looks pretty, but not when you have to walk in slush and then you discover that there is a hidden hole in your shoe. It’s no fun and I know because it’s happen to me and New York is not the cleanest city on earth.

Anyway, never mind my grip, it’s a whole new day and I’m glad to see it because not everyone made it to see another morning. So I’m grateful. For the month of March, I will be revealing artwork created from the T.E.S.T. P48 series completed in January 2017. There are 17 pieces of work in total and mainly I will be continuing several series throughout the year. The whole point of me doing this is to reach my ambitious goal of completing 500 works of art by July 2018. By now, it’s definitely doable. I do not have any children at this time, so I take advantage of it. But that does not mean, I will not stop, even when I have children. Hey, having children would give me ideas to create. Meantime, here is the current secret art of the day.

T.E.S.T P48 #5. 9″ by 12″. (2017)Oil pastels and acrylics on paper. Thru His vessel JB.

Why is this in black and white?

No other reason than providing anonymity to my work and if you are interested, I want you to contact me. That’s really the reason. It’s also a part of the Secret group in Facebook called Thru His vessel JB online art exhibition. The members in the Facebook get to bid on pieces and also if they win any of the pieces, there are little blessings that come with it. But you need to be a member to find out.

What is the theme of the T.E.S.T. P48 series?

There is a particular theme, but the overall theme of all of the serial work I create and plan to create this year is to use non traditional tools to “paint” work such as palette knives and mixing oils pastels and acrylics together. I just want to have fun and this is done through experimentation. However, there is always a reason I do work and that is your eyes have a visual feast and as a result you are satisfied with what you see. Below is the artist statement for T.E.S.T. P48 .

If you want to purchase this work, you can by emailing Upon receipt of your email, I will send you the color version of the work with the invoice. Upon your payment, it will be custom framed and shipped to your front door. Total cost is $217 and it comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can tell your friends you got the real deal. I congratulate you on your purchase and that you enjoy as a splash of color to add to your home or office.

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB