Secret art: T.E.S.T. P48 #8

Hello people!

I hope all is well. Happy Wednesday to you! For myself, it’s been a busy week, you know this upcoming Saturday, is an event that I have been planning for the longest. It is a live painting session accompanied with poetry through guest poets Lovie and Phoenix Reign. I will be painting their poetry live . Musical guests R.Q. Tek and A.R. Stylez will also perform and get the chance to win prizes from the local vendors. As you can see, it’s going to be fun and I thank God for using me in this creative opportunity . For ticket information, please click on this link. Tickets are sold online until March 24 and then $25.00 at the door. Look forward to seeing you there!

Other news, in today’s post is the 8th secret art for today stemming from the T.E.S.T P48 series is below:

T.E.S.T P48#8. (2017). 9″ by 12″ . Oil pastels and acrylics on paper. Thru His vessel JB.

What’s this piece about?

There is a particular theme I decided with the T.E.S.T series, but as an artist I chose not to share all of the details, mainly because I don’t want to put words in your mouth. If this piece speaks to you, then you should answer in the way you see it. I know the piece is whispering right now, because it’s not in full color. If you want to see in full color, see the responses below.

For the main part, I’ve been experimenting using a palette knife for all of these pieces, using very little brushwork. I’ve had fun doing it and I hope you would have a great visual feast as a result.


How come it’s in black and white?

It’s in black and white, because I don’t want you to see it’s true colors. Psych. Of course, I would want you yo, but you have to be a member of the secret Facebook group Thru His vessel JB online art exhibition. As a member, you would be able to bid works for the month and get a little surprise as well. I’m not telling you what that is, you would have to be a member to find out.

I don’t want to be a member since I don’t use Facebook, how can purchase a piece?

I completely understand that. If you want to buy this piece outright, just email me at From there, I will send you a color copy of the work along with the invoice. It will be on a first come first serve basis because this is an original that would not be duplicated as a print with the exception of whatever I choose to do with it. The price is $217 and it includes custom framing and shipping with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. Once I get your invoice, you shall receive this original work of art within 4-6 weeks at your door.

Thank you again. That’s all for now! Again if you want to purchase tickets for Saturday’s event, you can here.

Love you and stay blessed!

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB