Secret art #14 (T.E.S.T. P48 #17)

Hello people!

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a great week thus far. Today is the last day of the T.E.S.T P48 series and I hope that it was a blessing. It has been an ambitious goal of mine to complete 500 works of art by July 2018. I’m about halfway to that point of course counting in my February and March work as well. In all of these monthly series, there are 17 works of art. For the January series, everything has been done in oil pastels and acrylic paint. Here is the last piece of the T.E.S.T. series presented below:

T.E.S.T. P48 #17. 9″ BY 12″. Thru His vessel JB. Oil pastels and acrylic paints on paper.


    You did this entirely with palette knife?

No, but it was the primary tool of design used to complete this painting I enjoyed making this series, because it was about experimenting with different mediums and how they can complement each other. I’ve also realized that using palette knife is a fast way to spread paint. If I wanted to create detail, I would use a small paint brush, but it just to define it. I don’t just want a blob of paint smeared on a piece of paper. However sometimes blobs of paint can bring harmony to a bland canvas and I hope it is shown through this work.

Is there a story weaved out throughout this series?

Yes and no. I do not want to say much but just know it is the theme of being good to one another as well as positively  themed deeds.

Why is this in black and white?

Why do you keep asking the same question? Over the past couple weeks, the reason being for the piece in black and white is that it is a secret. In order to see its true colours for that current month; you would have to become a member of the Facebook group; Thru His vessel JB online art exhibition and you can bid as a member. When members win one of the artworks displayed in color, they also get a little blessing. However, it will only be for that time because once the month is over, it is open to the public and would have to pay the same price as everyone else. As you can see membership definitely has its privileges

How can I purchase this piece if I am not a member?

You can’t purchase this piece. It’s for members only. Psych. Of course, you can purchase this piece, it’s just going to cost ya For $217, you will get this piece above custom framed and shipped to your doorstep, however, if you live in Hawaii or Alaska and/or live outside the U.S., shipping would be extra. To inquire, just email info@artdify,com with subject line “Pregnant woman from TEST series, and I will send you a color copy and an invoice.  Either way, you will get an original work of art that would not be replicated and an certificate of authenticity that you can brag to your friends.. I congratulate you in advance for this work of art. You will not be disappointed.

Stay blessed!

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB