Hello beautiful people!

Happy February! I hope your start to the New Year has been well. I’ve started pretty well myself. With my new job. I’m enjoying this job so much and it’s interesting that I started on the number 8. Yes, you may have heard that the number 8 is the number of new beginnings. I’ve started working at a new job to help me attain the skills to build ArtDify as a business.

It’s also time for me to start making art again.

February 1, the beginning of B.O.L.D

I am starting my art again to reach my goal of 500 pieces by July 18, 2018 . By that point, I would most likely complete 500 works with this series of work. Over the past year, I’ve been able to make it to totaling 314. I know it’s just a slice of pie, so you wonder how am I going to complete nearly 200 pieces in 5 months time. Easy, make mini works of art. Many of the pieces that I have created in the past are large pieces of work, which took more time to complete. These pieces are just 4″ by 6″, giving me more time and thus more in quantity to create.

What are you creating?

The name of the series is called B.O.L.D and it’s basically original art on postcards. It’s very evangelistic in nature , and it was placed in my heart by God  to basically reach those who don’t know about God or who do want to know about God but needs encouragement. It’s definitely an idea inspired by God because I had a bunch of postcards that I did not want and wanted to shred them. Instead of putting them in a traditional recycling bin, I’m recycling them into lovely works of art to mail to people. In the time of smartphones and social media, snail mail is literally a lost art these days; so having a beautiful work of art in your mailbox would definitely capture your attention.

Why are you creating B.O.L.D?

B.O.L.D stands for beautifully obvious lavish deliveries. These BOLDs are going to be sent to various people around the country . Many people don’t realize that God loves them and wants them to know it. What better way than a beautiful work of art. In fact, my theme for this year is being bold and knowing that God is with me.

Can I see you do it?

Sure,  to see my progress you could check my Instagram at Thruhisvesseljb. Just check that out and you’ll see both the progress photos as well as some videos. If you don’t have access to Instagram, subscribe to The Peephole newsletter and I should be able to show a few progress photos. I look forward to talking with you, may God bless you.

For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB