Hello people,


   I want to officially thank you for following my blog entitled Thru His vessel JB. I have just been notified that I now have a total of 21 followers. Everyone of you count and that is a blessing to me. You are blessings and I truly hope that my blog was a blessing to you in one point or another. As of late, I am still on recess, about to start phase 2 of Project 3 tomorrow. At least biweekly, I am always getting new visions and inspirations for the glory of God and I really want to give Him all of it. I really just see myself as a tool so the THE ARTIST, can do His work. 

    Again, I thank everyone for following me and I hope to continue to be a blessing to your lives. To God be the glory! Do what you love, to glorify Him on earth, He put it there for a reason.


Sincerely with love and service to the King,

Thru His vessel JB