Hello beautiful people,

Train on the Williamsburg bridge

I hope you have had  a wonderful weekend!  I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year , we have 12 more days to go until 2018 barges in our lives. The year 2017 has been definitely an interesting year . In today’s segment of the beginning of the end,  being uncomfortable is the third sign of knowing it’s time to move on. I have been at my current job for over six years,  and although there were some career opportunities for growth, I had no desire to move up there. The overall theme is basically being uncomfortable in your comfort zone; through this, God will show you ways to move forward.

Commuting to work

One sign is my commuting time to work . The time it takes to get there, got twice as long . There  were more delays on the train than my fingers could count. A pet peeve of mine is that I hate coming late to work. I got there, sometimes two hours later than my starting time and was tired of telling my boss I’m going to be there late, the amount I did I can write a full chapter of all the text messages and voicemails regarding my tardiness. In addition,  I don’t get as much sleep as I used to, I just go to work and then come home almost 10 o clock night and wash up to get ready to wake up 5 o clock the next morning.

The triteness

Another sign was of being uncomfortable is that I just I didn’t want to go to work. Work has become mundane at times, doing the same stuff over and over again now with the same people. It’s harder because even though you put in a lot of work, people don’t change to no matter what you do.   I knew it was time to go, even though there’s opportunity for growth I had to go back to school for that and I was not interested in going back to school.  I was interested in being challenged, but I knew at this point it was no longer here.

This has nothing to do with my overall purpose….anymore

It became like a treadmill, instead of seeing fresh scenery and appreciating it, I began to complain . Complaining is like your soul crying out in pain. I’m not a complainer, so you know it was bad. But I refused to let the pain keep me there. I thank God for this job because He has brought me here in the first place.  But my heart was no longer really in it, it was just another paycheck. Since 2013, I knew what my purpose was and my purpose here at this job ended this year. I actually did not think I would be here this long, but I decided that this was it, I was getting off this stop in 2017 and transferring to another vehicle. Plus, I did not see myself in 2018 . It is known that the number 7 means completion and 8 means beginnings. What a perfect way to end in 7 and begin with 8 in a new job, totally trusting God in the process.

Next stop and last is Tying loose ends. Last one before the new year!

God bless you!

For the love of God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB