Hello beautiful people,

I know it’s been a while since the Tuesday traveling segment which ended in September. Since then, I’ve been quite busy putting things in order.  Live painting variety shows, being a vendor, quitting my job….Yes, that’s right!  I’m gonna talk about my journey about quitting my job into going to business now this is not the typical “I’m gonna quit my job and begin my business” it’s a transitional job . It will help me to attain the skills needed to help run a business. I knew that it was time to go into another chapter of my life based on four things I experienced , Epiphany, Setting a vision, Being Uncomfortable and Tying loose ends  which I will mention throughout this four week segment, today I will discuss the first one, Epiphany or revelation.

My Epiphany

It was in June of 2013, I was due for a work evaluation that is usually completed every year. I was two years deep within the company and about time to move up the career ladder. At this time, I was already creating my serial works of art, ( it was For a Single Purpose series) and knew that I wanted to work on art on the side lines. However, on the evaluation, I got feedback from my superior regarding my goal of becoming a Clinical Supervisor within the company. She told me that in order to get the position as Clinical supervisor, I should go back to school. Once I read that, I knew at that point, it was the beginning of the end of that job. I did not realize that it would be four years later, I would still be here. But all for good reason.

Mature businesswoman talking to colleague



The year 2014 came and went, I had a art show and continued to work on serial works of art. Yet, on 2015 I started to read up on starting a business and learning how to make money from art full time. This entire year, with the exceptions of a few works, I did not work on any art because I was busy promoting it. I checked out a few free workshops, applied for a few exhibitions and compiling an email list, which is now known as The Peephole. The end of 2015 came near and I knew that it was not yet time. Plus, lot of personal things were going on that were out of my control. Once 2015 past, I set July 2016, to quit my job and go into business full time.

That did not happen, because I knew it was not yet time.

After reading “Jump” by Steve Harvey in December of 2016. I set my date for exactly Friday, December 29, 2017.

So once I set my date,  I knew things at the start to get things in order. Basically that is talking to God and trusting God in the process. A lot of times, I am so used to do things alone to figure out things that I forget that God is there for a reason. He is the author and finisher of my faith, so He knows my future! I have learned at this time, to trust in the process and mainly know God is leading the way, you shall have the desires of your heart.

From there, things started falling in place once I put it in my heart that I was leaving this job and just trust God that you are going to be alright.

Next week I will speak on Setting a vision.


For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB