According to Psalms 139:14; You as an individual, is fearfully and wonderfully made. As an artist working through God’s lenses, I find it important to give Him all of the glory and that means giving me your best shot! Starting January 19, you can have the chance to be a work of art*. Enroll to be a bidder at If you register by January 2nd 2015, you are eligible to vote for the pieces* you want to see auctioned at the site.

If you are the highest bidder on the art currently on sale for the day, you will have a portrait completed of you by yours truly. Starting bid is as low as $24*, so everyone and anyone can have the opportunity to own one of Thru His vessel JB’s original works AND a commissioned portrait. For more information, email or check out; and Facebook pageS: Thru His vessel JB and Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Portraits.




Thru His vessel JB


*Sign up at to become a bidder and get the chance of a free portrait commissioned by Thru His vessel JB. All commissioned portraits will be shown in Thru His vessel JB’s 2016 annual art show.

*This does not include the auction for the worship paintings January 19th-26th 2015.

* $24 bid only applies to first day of auction dates; January 19

th 2015, February 1st, 2015 and March 3rd , 2015.