Hello people,


Man, how time flies. It has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, the last being August 9th. A lot has been happening in my life or rather my thought processes. I have been working on my art as usual, but now I have spending some time with someone I am considering to be special. He has been in my thoughts for the past month. More than I dare to say, but my art is still priority. I am almost done with Phase 2 of this project , the deadline is the 31st, but I plan to be done by the 30th.

The 3rd and final phase of this project will be a challenge. I need lots of wire hangers. Probably in the hundreds. I’m also going to debut my other website pretty soon as soon as I get it ready and there you would be able to purchase some artwork as well as see a portfolio.

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to hearing from anyone. I do not have a facebook account, but I am considering it in order to venture forward with business and ministry.


Love you all with the love of Christ,


signature pose

In service of the King

Thru His vessel JB