Hello beautiful people

Happy March to you! We are in the last month of the 1st quarter of 2018. I hope all is well. As you know, this month, we are having our first live painting variety show of 2018 on Saturday, March 24, 2018. It is going to be a bolder and more encouraging sort of atmosphere to get you on your feet and move to keep the resolutions you have made in the beginning of the year.

For me,  this year has been a fresh start, I’ve adapted well into my transitional job in sales; learning and growing as I go forward. There is no other way but ahead.

B.O.L.D.ly going forward

I’ve also been able to create 60 works of art so far towards my total of 100 by April 1st. These miniature works of art are called Beautifully Obvious Lavish Deliveries (BOLDs) that are to be sent to encourage people that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. I plan to send these BOLDs over once April 1st rolls around.

It has been placed into my spirit about encouraging people on a daily basis and letting them know that God loves them through the use of visual arts. Although, working on these works will help me to attain my cumulative total of 500 works; this is going to continue until the day I leave this earth.

Check out the video, I promise it won’t take too long, just 11 minutes of your time.


11th B.O.L.D created since its inception on 2.1.18

March into action

Yes, this brings me to our live painting event held on March 24, 2018. Join myself, Thru His vessel JB , AC lightenin and other musical guests as we help you keep your resolutions in “Make a Resolution in paint”. Tickets are on sale for $18.00 and will increase after March 10 to the standard price of $25 per person. All tickets must be purchased before entry into event. Click on the flier below for tickets.

Well, that’s it for the month of March, I look forward to telling you more updates in April regarding the B.O.L.D.s and the lives that were impacted by them.


For the love of God and art!

Thru His vessel JB