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Welcome to my first stop in Europe provided through Expat Explore, a bus coach company that you get to see the parts of Europe affordably. They also have other tours in South Africa as well as Egypt. I am definitely considering going to either South Africa or Egypt again for my next trip. Either way, here we are off to the Netherlands, also known as Holland, and the capital, Amsterdam.

The Netherlands

Bikes in Amsterdam by Thru His vessel JB


The Netherlands has lots of variety, but I will say it’s one of the “greenest” parts of Europe, meaning that there are more bike riders than car owners. It also explains many of the lean “longa lala” people because they bike everywhere, which is awesome. I would rather be a bike owner than a car owner. Although, New York City is very pedestrian friendly, cars and the MTA still rules the road. ┬áThat’s when work is down the road, and not three train rides to get there.


Birdhouse clogs

Well, you know that the Dutch is infamously known for their shoe wear; the clog. Well according to the male owner of Clara Maria, the cheese farm and clog factory shop; the clogs were not originated by the Dutch but they quickly adapted to wearing them because they were poor. They are no longer ubiquitously worn, but are made for special occasions such as weddings. In the picture above, the clogs there were made for birds to nest in, a clog birdhouse, where it is emptied so often when a bird leaves and a new bird makes it its home.



How can we leave Holland without mentioning its delicious tasting cheese!!! I certainly several tastes of cheeses and enjoyed them all, especially the smoked one! Yes, I was able to carry it home with me so I can enjoy with crackers and tea upon my arrival. If you want it to stay fresh, just ask for it vacuumed sealed and you’re ready to bring the fresh taste of Holland with you with its delicious fresh tasting cheese. I normally do not eat cheese, but this was delightful.

Why is it important as an artist to visit The Netherlands?

Living spaces in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As an artist, I believe you should visit, to see the architecture. The buildings there are narrow and shows its beauty through the utilization of small living space, yet big outdoor space for the civilian. You can see that people are more likely to be out and about just based on the space, I would not want to stay home anyway. Enjoy the outdoors, visit the square and the Red Light District.

I hope you were able to enjoy this trip! Next stop is Germany! See you then!

For the love of God and art!

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