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Welcome! Yes, it is Tuesday and you know what that means! Travelling Tuesday! Today I will talk about my trip to Germany. My trip to Germany was part of an European multi country adventure for my birthday celebration. Germany was the second stop on the journey provided through coach by the Expat Explore team! If you want to travel and visit just a week in Europe, they are great and are affordable. It includes food and accommodations as well as beautiful excursions.

Pit stop

Pitstop en route to Germany

Before we went into Germany or maybe we were already in Germany, we had to go stretch out our legs and grab a bite to eat because we had a couple more hours until we got in Germany. The place above had tasty food, and since it was a restaurant I thought we did not have to pay to use the restroom…I was wrong.

Restroom vending machine

Yes, you heard right. For all of you spoiled Americans out there, this also makes sense why European plate sizes are small.  Although the people are small, really, the restroom costs money to use. For the public bathrooms, I understand, because I did that in Costa Rica (That would be another story).I got to insert my euro into this machine and then there this turnstile in order for me to enter. The less food I eat, the less need to go into the restroom. However, that does not account for all of the water I drink. 🙂

Restroom Turnstile

After that break, we were headed into Germany.


Germanic building near river

The architecture in Germany is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing all edifices coming from centuries ago. It is really a sad state of mind that people are not as creative as they were back in the day. However, there weren’t as many distractions as people can focus with laser eye precision on their craft.

On this wonderful cruise, as by the tour leader, we were told of the buildings passing by. The image below is a real story based on the two edifices, the pub or bar is connected right to the church.

Church and pub

So in order to enter the church, you had to go through the pub. (I guess the verse avoid the appearance of evil would not apply in this setting. :).  And you know the strategy does work, if someone feels guilty after having so many drinks, they can go into the church to repent or find a nice young lady or man to marry in the church because it is right there.  Now I do not think this would occur in modern times, especially in America because of the political correctness culture and the separation of church and state.

Food (But really drink)

German ice wine

German Ice wine. It was tasty and wish i had enough space in my luggage to take it home.

German ice wine is a sweet cold wine made from frozen grapes. (No, not the grapes that you freeze in your freezer. I enjoy frozen grapes as a delicious treat.) These grapes are harvested in the cold winters of Germany and since they are smaller than the traditional grapes for wine, it takes a whole lot of them to create this delicious wine. In the image above, it was a wine tasting event, however, it was more like a glass of wine; there were two glasses just before this one and I definitely got sort of a buzz but not too much for this deliciousness. Aah, simply delightful. I could imagine sipping that with my smoked cheese from The Netherlands, just about now.

What can you take as an artist travelling to Germany?

As an artist, I was able to appreciate the agriculture prospect and the greenery. The very steep hills to harvest the delicious ice wine is an appreciation of the work people put in to create an unprocessed product and all through the creation of God.

Steep grapevine hills for wine

Steep grapevine hills to harvest wine.

I am so glad that you were able to come and see this journey with me. Next week, I will be talking about our next stop: Austria!!

May God bless you and look forward to hearing from you!

For the love of God and art!

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