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How are you doing? Welcome to the Travelling Tuesday segment in where I display the places I’ve travelled through the view of an artist. Today’s post embarks on Italy, specifically Venice. It’s such a beautiful town and definitely have taken many pictures. However, at this time, my SD memory card was corrupted, so I’m in the middle of restoring the data. Yet, it’s all good because I was able to get some pictures from Italy, a few of my favorite moments.


The architecture in Venice was of course exquisite. i enjoy looking up to the many buildings that displayed a plethora of colours. Of course, many of these buildings are on separate but close islands that composite Venice, which I understand was not a part of Italy until I believe the 17th or 18th century. I could be wrong.

Italian buildings in Venice

Building seen on gondola ride


It was a pleasure viewing these buildings and especially through the gondola ride that I gifted myself for my birthday celebration.

The Gondola ride
If you  have not been to Venice, you need to experience the joy (possibly scary) gondola ride. A gondola is a boat that is a mode of transportation throughout the many canals of Venice.

Gondolas in Italy.

The ride was a birthday gift to myself and I enjoyed it except when it started to shift back and forth. The water is dirty although serene, any dirty water reminds me of the Hudson River (I’m not an experienced swimmer, but not even a swimmer would swim in that to save their life.) .Either way, there is nothing like it and you should come to Venice to experience it.


You know being in Italy, I had to experience at least something that I know I would not get in the U,S. Just because pizzas are made in the U,S, does not mean it’s Italian. Well I did grab a bite to eat after the gondola ride, but unfortunately I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of the margarita personal pie. However, I had my very first gelato and my only through my short time in Italy.

Gelato with creme and pistachio flavor

Aah! This delicious treat was devoured within 15 minutes and I was really trying to savor it, but the heat teased me to finish it before it evaporated into space. The pistachio was real, it tasted like the green coloured nut and not some food coloring catastrophe. The creme was not vanilla, but it was close to it and was simply scrumptious. The only regret is that I wished I had another one.

What can you take as an artist travelling to Italy?

So many things. Venice is simply an unique place and mainly its has to do with its history. It was not always a part of Italy, but it is still seen as a defining place of Italy shown in movies and television. Showing it on television makes it seem trite, but you have to go there and see how architecture and nature can work together.

That’s all for this week. Next stop! Switzerland!

For the love of God and art!

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Thru His vessel JB