Hello people,

   On Saturday, December 1st 2012,  the Brooklyn museum held a special opening night for the GO art competition in Brooklyn, where thousands of artist across the Boro opened their studios or apartments for potential voters to view art work. In order to be a voter, you have to check in at least 5 studios, I checked into 6. It was the second Saturday in September that I went and it was a wonderful experience meeting established artists or fledging artists in their careers.

  Anywho, out of thousands of artists that opened their doors that weekend, only five were picked for the opportunity to exhbit their work at the Brooklyn Museum. It was great. All of the artists came from different backgrounds and nationalities with of course all impressive work. I took a few pictures which I would upload shortly for a separate post, consisting of the work. There were a sort Q and A section, and after wards people mingled to look at the artwork.

   After that, I look at other parts of the musuem such as the Egyptian art section and 1770’s European Art. Overall, thanks to the Holy Spirit I definitely got some divine inspiration for upcoming projects.

I had my Open studio party for the first time this past Saturday the 8th so I will also mention that in a separate post. Thanks for reading and stay blessed!