Hello people,

    It has been close to a month, but I want to thank everyone for coming to my art show held in Brooklyn on May 3rd 2014 It was a great turnout and I just give God the glory for giving me the opportunity to share with you all His voice in my art. It is according to His will, that He is glorified through the visual arts and there would be many more shows to come.

    I understand that many of you are interested in purchasing the art seen at the show, but first I would like to show you where it all began. On July 19, 2009, I received a word from God in my spirit that painting and drawing is a form of worship to Him. I acknowledged this when I was worshipping at church and the anointed singers Angelo and Veronica, gave me a vision. The vision was of shooting colours, various kinds on a dark background. The colours were paint, but it was more of a light and I know from then that visual arts was a form of worship. I got very excited, but was a little distraught, since I have not painted in a while. However, the next day, I painted my very first worship painting received from that vision which is called The Lamp. I did not pre-conceive how I was going to do it, I just did it because it was coming out of my heart to God. From that point on, 2009-2011, I made approximately 20 works of art, but selected 12 of my best to showcase officially on December 8, 2012.  These pieces are currently on a silent auction and can be purchased through http://www.32auctions.com/worshippaintingsjb . Only 11 of the 12 are currently available since one is already sold. All of the pieces once purchased, will be framed, which is included in the price. Shipping and handling would be additional. 

     Again thank you again for your support. I am actually planning to start another project, yes, series 3 starting June 1st, which is this coming Sunday. I am excited about this and I look forward to unveiling it to you until I am done.

With love and respect,

Daughter of the King

Thru His vessel JB