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Artdify is a company started by visual artist, Thru His vessel JB, in 2016. Artdify is a conjunction of two words; art and edify which represents ‘art work that builds up’. All of Thru His vessel JB’s work exemplifies this fact and  has various series of artwork that reflects biblical inspiration and positive influences, which will result in moments or perhaps eons of endless euphoria that does not leave .  

How to obtain these pieces of euphoria can be attained in three ways:

 Art testimonies 

        It is an experience that utilizes all of the four of five senses, (yes it smells good too) and particularly giving the viewer, a nutritional visual feast that can be shared among family and friends in an intimate or public setting.

Artists’ artwork

         Too bad art testimonies cannot be carried around in your pocket, no scratch that, you can through Youtube videos. However, if you want to get artwork other than an art testimony party; Thru His vessel JB have created a collection of series that can easily accessed through Artpal and Zazzle shops in the form of prints, cellphone covers and more. If you are interested in just looking at the current artwork, check out the gallery and blog for further tidbits of colorful info.


       Seeing and learning the background of an artist’s journey is always fun to do. While you are reading the current post, you can access behind the scenes of Thru His vessel JB working on art that is yet to be unveiled before the public through The Peephole newsletter. This is very big thing because Thru His vessel JB is very private and she don’t like the idea of people peeping behind her shoulder. However, we got her permission and now she is giving access to her works in progress and even a couple of videos.

   Through all three methods, you can get ‘artdified’. Two of these methods are free, (it doesn’t cost anything to check out the gallery and read the blog) but free does not pay the bills. You are welcome to purchase a piece, email Thru His vessel JB for more info or book an art testimony party!

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